LagerHead Brewery -- Austin, Texas

The LagerHead Brewery was established in 1997 as a 3000 bbl /yr brewery with capabilities up to 15000 bbl. The fantastic success of our brewery has seen demand outstrip supply by 2 to 1. Given this wonderful outpouring of appreciation (pun intended), our new 50 bbl brewhouse will be coming online shortly. Stay tuned (pun intended).

The LagerHead brewery will initially start with a single flagship brew called LagerHead Pale Ale. This heavily-hopped pale ale features pronounced Northwest hoppyness with a wonderful balance of 2-row pale and Crystal.

Our Beers








Beer is indeed good food, especially dark malty beer, or hoppy pale ales. Yumm!


Although everything edible known to man (and some inedible) has, at one time or another, been used as a beer ingredient, the only four ingredients allowed according to the strict Reinheightsgebot Purity Law of ancient Germany, are the following:


Other ingredients can include, but are not limited to: